FOR Membership

F.O.R. membership is available to any interested individual that wishes to support our mission to aid the recovery community in central Arkansas.

VOTING MEMBERSHIP: $240.00 per year or $20 per month. Voting members are eligible for election to the Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting in December every year when board vacancies are filled.  Voting members also are the members that cast votes for nominees to the Board of Directors.  Voting members are encouraged to attend the monthly board meeting on the first Saturday of every month

 PARTICIPATING MEMBERSHIP: $60.00 per year or $5 per month.  Participating members assist the Foundation with fund raising and building issues. Participating members are encouraged to attend the monthly board meeting on the first Saturday of every month, but this is not required.

ANONYMOUS DONATIONS and MEMBERSHIP:  F.O.R will zealously protect the anonymity of its donors and members, at the donor or member’s request.  Board meeting attendance is not required. 


ANNUAL BRICK RENTAL: $20.00 a year. The west wall in the large meeting room is composed of concrete blocks. For $20.00 a year, the member’s block is decorated, often includes the member’s favorite recovery saying and their recovery anniversary date.  Brick design and decoration are performed by the member’s specifications by talented foundation members.  Bricks can be rented and decorated in honor or memory of individuals as well.  F.O.R. reserves the right to reject designs that may be perceived as inappropriate.   This fundraiser has capability of generating $3780, as there are 189 bricks available to rent.  BRICK OWNERSHIP $250.00:  This onetime payment  is an option for supporters that would rather buy a brick instead of rent yearly. 

Dues, donations and brick rental can be paid in person at the board meeting or you may mail your voting or participating member dues to:

Friends of Recovery Foundation Inc.
Recovery Central   
1305 West Markham   
Little Rock, Arkansas  72201 

Feel free to visit the building during open meetings of any of the 12 step program meetings, or our monthly board meetings on the first Saturday of every month @ 10 am.