​​​Interested in supporting our efforts to help others find the rooms of recovery? ​​​​​​​​​​​We know how fortunate we are to have such a giving community! We also appreciate that giving to fundraisers a couple of times a year is not everyone's idea of being an active member of a cause so near and dear to your heart. This is why we offer anyone interested in a more active role the opportunity to get more involved through the following options:

PARTICIPATING MEMBERSHIP: $60.00/yr ($5/mo) option to assist with fundraising and maintenance issues. 
Members are encouraged to attend the monthly board meeting on the first Saturday of every month. 

​VOTING MEMBERSHIP: $240.00/yr ($20/mo.) eligibility for election to the Board of Directors and vote for nominees to the Board of Directors. Voting members are encouraged to attend the monthly board meeting on the first Saturday of every month and the Annual Meeting in December every year when board vacancies are filled.

ANONYMOUS DONATIONS and MEMBERSHIP: if you prefer to remain anonymous, we will zealously protect your anonymity! This goes for donors and members. 


​ANNUAL BRICK RENTAL: $20.00 a year. The west wall in the large meeting room is composed of concrete blocks. For $20.00 a year, a block can be rented and decorated with favorite sayings, quotes, scripture, anniversary dates, pictures, or names. Brick design and decoration are performed by the member’s specifications by talented foundation members. (189 bricks available)  

BRICK OWNERSHIP $250.00: This onetime payment is an option for supporters that would rather buy a brick instead of rent yearly. ​**FOR reserves the right to reject designs that may be perceived as inappropriate.  

​We participate in two major fundraisers each year when we go online and ask for your support:
Recovery Gives is our local fundraiser in the Spring
Giving Tuesday is a global fundraiser held every Tuesday following Thanksgiving

Dues, donations, and brick rentals can be paid in person at the board meeting or mailed to: 
Friends of Recovery Foundation Inc.
Recovery Central   
1305 West Markham   
Little Rock, Arkansas 72201